When “Real Life” Gets in the Way

I’m so sorry to any dedicated readers that I haven’t posted in a while. Quite a bit was going on this summer with my vanilla job, that unfortunately that became my main focus for a while. Now, of course, I still made time for kink. It’s all about balance, remember? But now that things have settled down, I’m excited to put more time back into the things that I love and bring me joy and happiness.

Sometimes, taking a break is necessary. If you’re not owned, that can be as simple as disconnecting for a bit. Log out of Twitter, refocus on your vanilla job and relationships. If you’re owned, it’s important to communicate with your Domme. Why do you feel the need to take a break? Are you feeling overwhelmed in your D/s relationship or are there other things that are consuming your thoughts and time?

Online D/s relationships can be difficult because they may not always be front and center in your mind. Not having someone physically present can cause other things to become your focus. And that’s natural. We’re only human. But it’s important to take time to recenter yourself. Remind yourself why this is something that is so integral to your life. Remember why this makes you so happy.

So, this is only meant to be a quick “I’m back!” post. I’ve got several posts waiting in the wings that I’m excited to share with you and several other things up my sleeve.

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  1. mike October 15, 2019 at 10:49 am

    Your posts provide great insight. Looking forward to reading more.

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