What What in the Butt

Yeah, so I kinda love South Park and I just had to…

Anal play!

Let’s just put this out there in the open. If you are a male and you enjoy anal play, that DOES NOT automatically make you gay. Unless that dick is attached to a male. You can have your girlfriend peg you and you can still be straight. *Gasp!*

Alright, now that I’ve soothed your fragile male heterosexuality, let’s talk about butt stuff.

Anal play can be a lot of fun. I genuinely really enjoy instructing anal play. When I learn that a sub has several toys for me to use with them, I get very excited.

If you’ve wanted to try out anal play, start slow and small. And for the love of the Gods, please get proper toys. Stop sticking cucumbers, toys and anything else you can get your hands on up your ass. Don’t want to buy one at a sex shop, order from Amazon.

If you’re brand new to anal play, buy yourself some good lube, a small butt plug, and a dildo to work up to. Light some candles, put on some slow 90s R&B and let the exploration begin! If you’ve got a partner you’d like to try this with, maybe suggest a blowjob and while she’s lovingly slobbing on your knob, just ask for her to try a finger. I was extremely surprised when an ex-boyfriend asked this of me once but I happily obliged. And then he continuously moaned, “Why does this feel so good??!” until he had one of the best orgasms of his life.

Like I say often through many of my posts, if you like it, don’t over analyze it. To you it may be different, new or “taboo” but a straight male enjoying anal pleasure is not wrong.

I must admit, the societal naughtiness of it is why I tend to enjoy it. Not to mention making a boy were a a cute little princess plug for me is about the best thing ever.

But also if you try it and determine it’s not for you, that’s ok. You don’t have to enjoy anal play to consider yourself a submissive.

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