Yes folks. It’s that kind of post. Slightly rambling, mostly venting….so buckle up.

Twitter is fucking shit.

Yeah, I said it. Is it good for self promotion, sure! But it’s a huge game. As a Domme, merely tweeting isn’t enough to gain any traction. You need carefully thought out posts with pictures that tantalize and proper hashtags. Have under 1,000 followers? You better join some retweet group because apparently you’re not a legitimate Domme without the followers, even if you’ve been doing this for years. But oh, those followers you amass? Yeah, maybe 1% will actually send you a tribute. Don’t post about your depression, your anxiety or when you’re sick. Because the real subs are already owned and they rest don’t care. All they want is the persona you’ve created. The hyper-sexual and always dominant alpha woman.

Subs, is it difficult for you? I’m sure you think that. You’ve probably sent to a woman who then immediately blocked you. Or created a connection with a Domme that you thought was true but she stopped speaking with you the moment the tributes stopped. News flash: that’s called a fucking relationship. Have you taken a woman on a date, payed for everything and didn’t even get a kiss at the end of the date? Did you start dating someone, thinking it might be heading some place only to be told differently?

Twitter has made me annoyed at the pretenders. The fake sugar daddies, the sub bait tweets, the Dommes that whine that they need a tribute to pay their rent. THAT IS NOT BDSM.

If you want to be a sugar daddy, that’s ok.

If you’re searching for a Domme, that’s ok.

If you use sex work to pay your rent, that’s ok.

But for fucks sake, be honest with yourself. Because the rest of us can see right through your bullshit. And if you’re just a scammer, go fuck yourself with a rusty coke bottle.

Everyone needs to stop being concerned with what other people think (myself included) and just do what makes them happy. Because if you do, I guarantee that you’ll end up finding a circle of people that are uniquely just as genuine.

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