Hurt Me. Please?

Sadism and masochism within BDSM.

Online D/s Sessions

I’ve written a post about why people may choose to go the online route versus in person. Now I’m going to share with you how it can work with sessions. As someone who Doms primarily online, I’m sick and tired of hearing “I will only consider real-time sessions” or “You’re not a ‘real’ Domme if…

Twitter Domination

Yes folks. It’s that kind of post. Slightly rambling, mostly venting….so buckle up. Twitter is fucking shit. Yeah, I said it. Is it good for self promotion, sure! But it’s a huge game. As a Domme, merely tweeting isn’t enough to gain any traction. You need carefully thought out posts…

FinDomme =/= ProDomme

If you didn’t know the different before, you will by the end of this post. Simply, a ProDomme offers paid sessions. The submissive is the client and the ProDomme is offering a service and a particular experience. They may also have clip sites or be on a service such as…