How to be my Submissive 101

So you’ve already read my post on the differences between a community submissive, being under consideration and being owned. And now you’re curious about what it might be like to serve me specifically. Well buckle up. It’s going to be a long ride.

It’s best to think about any D/s dynamic as you would any relationship. And they often start in a similar manner. Through conversations. Sure, you can consume my blog posts and my content but the real way to start to get to know me and see if we might be compatible is to actually interact with me. Often that might be within a session, but I also tend to frequent the Findom Discord Server. It’s a wonderful space where Dommes and submissives can simply chat together in one big forum. You don’t need to pay to gain access to the server and you can even sit back and simply watch the conversations if you’re too nervous to approach at first.

Now, as I’ve mentioned many times, I do have a financial domination kink. That means that to approach me to begin chatting one-on-one, I will require a financial gift of some sort. Here’s the kicker though, findom doesn’t have to be your kink, as long as you accept and acknowledge that it is one of mine. By that, I mean you may not get aroused by sending to me but enjoy how receiving makes me feel.

Once we begin chatting one-on-one, we can start to get to know each other. You may still be speaking with other Dommes at this point, and that’s perfectly ok. However, after some time of constant conversation between the two of us, we might start having conversation about what the next step might look like.

There is no time frame on when this might happen!

For some it may be a month. For others, even longer. If I choose to take you under consideration, I am promising to care for my submissive as I would my owned property. It’s a big step, and not one that should be taken hastily.

Communication, honesty and loyalty are what I value above all else. We are only human and are bound to make mistakes. But I want you to trust me enough to admit when mistakes have been made, as I will do as well. And I will expect that you will realize that actions also have consequences.

I like my submissives to be down to earth. To recognize that I’m not a fetish vending machine and therefore can chat with them about vanilla things. So having some common interests is a must. My submissives must also be flexible. I am chameleon like. I can go from being a sweet brat to a sadist bitch in a blink of an eye.

I also love a submissive that can make me laugh. Something as simple as sending me memes when I’m having a bad day can be enough to bring a smile to my face.

Submission is about me. It’s about doing what you can to see me smile, succeed and make my life just a little bit easier. It’s not always easy and definitely not for the weak or faint of heart.

To be honest, many do not move from being under consideration to being fully owned. I’ve had submissives that I’ve talked to daily for months, just completely up and ghost me. And that hurts me very much. So I do have walls built up that you will have to work hard to break down. Some have realized that after being under consideration, that ownership isn’t for them or maybe it’s just not possible for them in this part of their life. And that’s ok too as long as it’s communicated to me.

I take those that wish to submit to me and make them better versions of themselves. Better submissives for me, better bosses to their employees and better men to their wives.

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