Seeking Arrangements: Sugar Dating or Escort Service?

Seeking Arrangements. It’s a site for those, well, seeking arrangements. But what exactly does that mean?

Whether you know about Seeking Arrangements or not, I bet you’ve probably heard the term Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. When we think of a Sugar Daddy, we often picture some much older guy with a lot of money and a Sugar Baby as a young, hot co-ed with student loan debt. In this type of situation, the Sugar Daddy gets the companionship of a cute younger woman, and the woman gets, well, money.

Kinda sounds like the Sugar Daddy is a John and the Sugar Baby is an escort, right? However, if you call it a relationship then you can make a legal matchmaking website.

Enter Seeking Arrangements.

Sugar Daddies (SD) and Sugar Babies (SB) can create profiles with pictures and descriptions of what they’re looking for. SDs can sort by location, age, body type, ect. While SBs can sort by income range. SBs with a college email are often offered premium services for free, which allows for increased filters and profile boosts.

So how do I know so much about Seeking Arrangements? Well, I’ve tried it. I also joined a sugar lifestyle subreddit out of curiosity (

Before getting on SA, I browsed r/sugarlifestyleforum to learn the lingo.

MG was a meet and greet. This was once you chatted a bit on the website, moved to text message and were ready for the first in person meet.

PPM vs. allowance. Pay-per-meet was when a SD would pay a certain amount every time you two met up. Versus an agreed upon monthly allowance which could involved several meet ups a month.

Talk about dollar amounts isn’t allowed on SA, and you can’t discuss an average PPM or allowance on r/sugarlifestyleforum either making it difficult to gage the market.

After setting up my profile, I had the folks on r/sugarlifestyleforum do a profile review and learned some Dos and Don’ts.

DO have pictures of you smiling and showing full body shots

Don’t put your actual age if you’re over 25 because most SDs will add 3-5 years to what’s listed on your profile

Don’t say anything about wanting a purely platonic arrangement. SDs want sugar and not the kind that goes in coffee

Don’t list your body type as ‘curvy’. SDs think that means fat

Do be prepared to move off the website quickly and have a fake texting number to use

So don’t get me wrong. I’m a ProDomme. I’m used to pricing my services but this isn’t supposed to be a service. However every SD I interacted with from Seeking Arrangements or on r/sugarlifestyleforum made it very clear that they expected sugar but were ok with paying for it. I did find it funny how often the SDs complained about how talking about money made things feel so transactional.

I met with one guy off the site who traveled to my city often for work. We had texted some and have some good conversation. We met for dinner and drinks and even that went pretty well. However, we hadn’t spoke about money expectations prior to meeting, which was also a no-no I later learned from r/sugarlifestyleforum. He wanted to meet up for dinner and/or a show when he was in town, and if that lead to sugar, he’d be willing to give me $200.

I’m happy this conversation happened over text because I would have laughed in his face. I could have made more as a legitimate escort. And that’s the problem I see with Seeking Arrangements.

It markets itself as a site for those looking for arrangements with mutual benefits but at the end of the day it’s filled with men who think they’re “too good” to simply pay for an actual escort or they don’t want to pay the potential high cost of an escort.

This isn’t meant to bash sugar dating or even escorts. I just think that using Seeking Arrangements isn’t the way to go.

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