My 1st Real Play Party

Ever wondered what a play party is like? Well I attended my first real play party this past weekend and I’m going to tell you all about it!

First things first, where do you even find out about sexy, kinky parties in your area?

Fetlife! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s like a kinky facebook. Now honestly, I’m not the hugest fan, as I tend to get a ton of unsolicited (and super annoying) messages. However, Fetlife is great for finding out about local groups, munches and events. Occasionally you might be able to do a Google search for dungeons or kink type clubs in your area, but often Fetlife will be the best place to start.

I’m in a few different kink online communities and learned of a few clubs in my area that had opened back up recently. With my partner’s birthday coming up, what better way than to spend it getting sexy?!

Once we RSVP’ed, we talked about our expectations for the evening. Would we be sticking together strictly as a couple or would it be ok if we wanted to play separately? We had gone to a swingers style club before but this play party was going to have a dungeon and my partner knew how excited I was for that.

Ultimately we decided to play things by ear. We didn’t even know if we would like this place. But it gave us an excuse to dress up in togas (it was a themed party, lol) and get out of the house.

When we got to the house, I was immediately struck about how organized it was. We checked in and learned about the wristband system. Black for single men, pink for single women, striped for couples who only wanted to play with other couples and checked for couples that were ok to play with anyone.

Since it was our first time there, the security guy gave us a tour of the four floor playhouse. Several private themed rooms, 2 lounge areas, 2 full open areas that were naked, towel or robe only, a couples only open room, a stripper pole, a medical room, a full dungeon and a backyard patio area. There was even a kitchen with a full food spread!

We grabbed some beers and went outside to simply hang out and meet people. Eventually we wanted to explore the dungeon. Now, if you’ve read any of my posts or listed to my podcast, you’ll know my partner is pretty vanilla. I wanted to try out the st.andrew’s cross, but he didn’t know how to tie me to it properly. So we asked another person in the dungeon to help. When he asked if it was ok to touch my wrists, I immediately felt so comfortable.

My partner tested out a few of the toys on my ass, much to the delight of those in the dungeon. I could tell we were both getting more comfortable at the party. Or maybe it was the alcohol.

After chatting more with someone I had met outside, upon learning I was a Switch said he wanted to try his first impact scene with me. And of course, I was more than willing to oblidge.

Up until this point, my real-time BDSM experience had always been with myself or my partner. I secured my victim to a large wooden ladder and picked out a small flogger to start with. One hit and I knew I was in heaven. I struck his chest several times. Pausing only to tease him with my touch, admiring the tattoos on his chest. I turned him over so I could mark his beautiful backside.

Switching to a light wooden paddle, the slight yelps were delicious. By this point we had a little crowd. And I had to pee. Instead of taking him down, I left him there, wrists cuffed, to wait until I came back.

Upon my return, another Dom had found a nice little toy for me to use. It looked like those wooden chopsticks you get from chinese takeout, only longer, wrapped in a bit of leather straps to make a handle. Having never used something like that before, I tried it a few time on my palm and thigh and boy, was it stingy. I gave his back and nice whack, only to be delighted by the immediate welt that appeared. I marked his back and ass, proud of how he was taking the pain for me. I finished with a few hard whips of the flogger, making him count each one out loud. I ended the scene to a round of applause.

But the night wasn’t over….

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