Online D/s Sessions

I’ve written a post about why people may choose to go the online route versus in person. Now I’m going to share with you how it can work with sessions.

As someone who Doms primarily online, I’m sick and tired of hearing “I will only consider real-time sessions” or “You’re not a ‘real’ Domme if you don’t do real-time”.

I’m going to address the last statement first. And it starts pretty simply. I don’t trust you. I’m an attractive, small-ish woman. You’re asking to come to my home. Some men think that because you’re being paid, they can get away with anything. I’m just not comfortable with that. And should something actually happen to me, I have a feeling dealing with the authorities isn’t very simple either. So I know you’re just a sub trying to get your rocks off, but there is a lot more to a real time session to me then just having fun. However, is it completely off the table? Not at all. My owned sub and I are strictly online, yet I would definitely welcome him into my home and make him cook me dinner while collared, leashed and half naked. It’s because we’ve developed trust over time. I want to have a relationship with someone that I plan on having sessions with, whether that’s in-person or not.

To address the “you’re not a real Domme” bit. Dominating someone online, the correct way, takes certain skills and expertise. Sure, anyone can tell you how to jerk yourself off. That’s simple. I have to dominate your body and your mind. I have to keep you engaged and following my instructions, while staying within your limits and managing your safety and state of mind, all while being hundreds of miles away. I have to keep you an active participant. In a real time session, things are being done to you. During an online session, I am forcing you to do things to yourself (which honestly, is so fucking hot). The sessions also need to have variety as well.

Online sessions are not, nor will they ever be, the same as a real time session.

Stop going into it with that expectation. This brings us to our original first statement. Why do you feel like you can only do a real time session? It’s because you need to feel someone’s touch. Just admit that. There is no difference beyond that. In a real-time session, I have to do all the work. I’m flogging you. I’m fucking you. I’m presenting my feet for you to worship and slobber over. Online sessions shift the work to the sub. And the inversion of that is what I tend to enjoy about online.

Maybe you’re worried about online because you think someone may not be real. Well do your fucking research. If they’re on clip sites, they’re verified by the government. It doesn’t mean they’ll give you a good session, but it does mean they’re real.

Now, I will admit, most who give online sessions probably aren’t as good or as thoughtful as me. I’ve heard from subs who paid for sessions and the Domme just made them do household chores. I am also not cheap. Because of the views I’ve laid out here, I won’t ‘give you a discount because it’s just an online session’. However, if you have questions, approach with a proper tribute and I’d be happy to discuss with you how I go about things.

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