Part two of my 1st real play party.

After my Domme scene, I needed a bit of air and my scene partner needed a beer. I went outside with my partner and got to meet more people that had showed up. I loved the open, friendly and welcoming environment. Some might blame the alcohol or the mary jane but really it felt like I had already knew all these people. I just felt so comfortable.

After making the rounds of each floor, I ended up back in the dungeon. By this point my partner was a bit intoxicated but I was wanting to be spanked. I had chatting with a Dom and his sub earlier that night and he offered to help. Normally, I would have been nervous but he at least talked like he knew what he was doing. Plus, he had brought his own paddles.

I leaned over the horse and offered up my ass. He asked me my safe word and limits and gave me a few test thwacks. What surprised me was that he set a 15 minute timer on his phone and set it aside. My partner let me know he was going to explore the third floor. I felt safe and waved him off to have his own fun.

It was 15 minutes of pure bliss. He played my ass like a drum. And I mean that literally. He was an artist with his paddles. He varied up the tempo and severities of his hits. Utilizing my entire ass and thighs as his instrument. The dudgeon just seemed to melt away.

There was pain of course. But the sweet, delicious kind of pain. My toga hung down over my ass and he even made sure to pull down my toga so my bare ass wasn’t completely exposed.

I didn’t even hear when his timer went off. I could have gone for longer. But after several moments as the adrenaline started to calm down, I was happy for the timer. I felt so good. I could have easily curled up and went to sleep. I gave him a hug and thanked him for the scene, deciding I should probably find my partner.

Just as I made it to the stairs, my now fully naked scene partner from earlier had run down to come get me. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of him covering his crotch area as he ran.

I decided to join my partner on the 3rd floor. At this point, it felt like nothing to completely disrobe in a room full of people, as I put all of my clothes in a locker and moved into an open play room. I cuddled up to my partner and we simply enjoyed being naked next to each other, watching a couple go to town on the bed next to us. I was happy, sleepy and content.

Someone we had chatted with earlier and had given my partner a bit of a spanking noticed we were falling asleep and gestured for him to join her. Being tired, I stayed where I was until he called for me as well. Next thing I knew, she was sucking his dick while we were making out over her head.

This is the first time he had been with anyone else during out ENM journey and I was right there, watching. And honestly, I felt nothing. By that, I mean no negative feelings. I was happy that he was enjoying it and she was making him feel good. Due to the awkward way we were kind of all intertwined, I shifted to sit on his face while the other woman continued. However, by this point, our security guard was letting us know it was 2 am and the party was over.

As people got dressed, folks retrieved their phones and began to exchange contact info. We were invited to an after party of sorts, but by this point I was tired and we had an hour drive back home.

In the car ride back, we did a quick check in. How did we each feel about the night’s events? Damn amazing. Were we comfortable with everything that happened? Most definitely. Would we do it again? Fuck yeah.

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