Genuine Girlfriend Experience

Ever been curious about what a girlfriend experience is, but were too afraid to ask?

Now, a girlfriend experience can greatly very, so of course I can only speak to the types of experiences I offer. Many might feel weird or might be worried due to the transactional nature of a girlfriend experience. But with the right person, and by that I mean me, it can be fun, exciting, and genuine.

People seek out a girlfriend experience for a variety of reasons. Some are single and bored to due to covid lockdowns. Some are in stale marriages and want someone to talk to and make them feel wanted. And as I offer experiences that are both vanilla and kink, sometimes submissives want a longer term taste of my control that a simple one hour session can’t offer.

The girlfriend experience starts with a simple conversation. What you’re looking for and for how long. Most of my girlfriend experiences are between 24-72 hours, though I do offer more long term engagements as well. If the experience is kinky in nature, it will also include a chat about your kinks and your limits. Once cost is determined and payment is made, we no longer talk about the money aspect. That helps to get rid of the icky transactional feel.

I like my girlfriend experiences to feel and flow naturally. I don’t play a character. I’ll ask you about your day and be curious about what you do, as much as you’re willing to share of course. I’ll happily message you throughout the day or send pics of me with no make-up and in my comfy clothes. Now of course, I can’t be available 24/7, because I do need my sleep and such. But that’s the beauty of a girlfriend experience. It doesn’t need to be rushed. I’ve even had experiences with folks in other time zones as well!

Of course, our girlfriend experience can be a little sexy as well. But I prefer a slow seduction. Some light teasing that slowly builds. This actually works well for both vanilla and kink sessions. I want you to wake up in the morning, excited to see a message from me. Not knowing whether I’m simply wishing you a good morning, or sending you a pic of my sexy lips sipping my morning coffee.

So, did I pique your interest? I certainly hope so.

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