FinDomme =/= ProDomme

If you didn’t know the different before, you will by the end of this post.

Simply, a ProDomme offers paid sessions. The submissive is the client and the ProDomme is offering a service and a particular experience. They may also have clip sites or be on a service such as NiteFlirt. A FinDomme is a financial dominatrix. The submissive gives to the FinDomme with absolute no expectations. They don’t send for anything in return. They send either because it gives them sexual pleasure and/or they simply want to make a Domme happy.

A Domme can be both a ProDomme and a FinDomme. That’s why it’s important to know, as a sub, what you are looking for. If you are submissive but want to dictate what is happening, odds are you should seek the services of a ProDomme. If you are truly ready to put the needs, wants and desires of someone before your own, then it may be time to find a Domme that you connect with.

Previously, I classified myself as a Domme with a findom kink. However, recently I have started to hold paid sessions. Like everything else that has happened along my BDSM journey, it’s something that evolved naturally. Now, of course I have done sessions with my owned subs. But for some reason, that experience has always just been something highly personal and private. I honestly wasn’t sure how that would translate to a sub that I didn’t know as well. It’s easy to just have a list of someones kinks and limits, but for me if I know them better, I know how I can push those limits. Where I can poke them just a bit more. I had been chatting with a sub and the ProDomme he used to see did something fucked up. He really needed a session, so I let it happen. And it turned out wonderfully. We now have 2 or 3 sessions a week.

Now, does this mean I’m now full on ProDomme? Hell no. And here’s the biggest reason why. I never want this to feel like a job. I will never host a session when there is something else that I would rather be doing. Because at the end of the day, my BDSM is all about me. And that’s really where my FinDomme comes into play. Sure, my paid sessions are fun. But those subs aren’t loyal to me. And that’s not something to be expected anyways. But my owned boys, they are my pride and joy. They are the ones that strive to always keep a smile on my face. The ones where I can let the happy-go-lucky facade fade away.

If you are a sub, I want you to really consider what I’ve said. Have you given to a Domme and then tried to give them a list of what you wanted? Or when they tell you what they want from you, you simply refuse? There is no shame in seeking the services of a ProDomme. Maybe you don’t always “feel submissive” or aren’t ready for the kind of commitment submitting to a Domme requires. Or maybe, you are just curious about a Domme’s style before you submit to them. Know what you’re looking for and approach appropriately.


I will not do sessions with subs that I have not interacted with previously. That means, do not approach me and ask for this and that. If you are interested in eventually having the honor of having a session with me, approach with a tribute and say something along the lines of, “I’d be interested in having a session with you someday Goddess but for now, please accept my tribute.”

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