Deeper – Sissification

This post is a part of a series call “Deeper” where I take a deeper dive into specific kinks. I’ll give definitions and talk about the several different ways in which this kink can be explored in either a real-time or an online setting.

For the sake of this post, I’m going to use sissification as an umbrella term to encompass a few different kinks to touch on.

Let’s start with the term “sissy”. Sissy has been used in the vanilla world as a “girlie boy”. A boy who is maybe feminine or just not living up to the stereotypical male. Therefore in BDSM, a sissy in a male who enjoys dressing up like a woman. Usually its a full outfit, stockings, heels and makeup. They will often take on a sissy name and may even speak a bit softer or with a higher pitch when they are being their sissy self.

Sissy is a role/title. Calling yourself a sissy, doesn’t mean you now like to suck cock and take it up the ass. Think of a sissy as pretty much a cross dresser. A sissy doesn’t want to be a woman but enjoys getting in touch with their feminine side.

For some, there is a humiliation factor, known as forced feminization. This is an aspect that I personally do not humor, but will explain for the purposes of this post.

According to society, a man wanting to dress or act feminine is so absurd that some want to be “forced” into being feminine because it’s so humiliating and degrading to them. Personally, I don’t believe forced feminiation or forced bi play is even a thing. I don’t have a gun to your head, so no. No one is forcing you to suck that cock. Anyways, I digress…

Some many not wish to go all the way into sissy play. Maybe they just like to wear panties. Because hell, they make me feel hella sexy why can’t they make you feel the same. If you’re interested in sissification, this is a good place to start. And no, do not steal your wife’s/girlfriend’s/partner’s panties! Go buy your own. I guarantee you no one in Victoria’s Secret will think you’re buying for yourself and even if they do, who the fuck cares??!

Wanting to be a sissy doesn’t mean you want to be a woman, however it might! Some might use sissy play to explore thoughts and feelings that they may have about possibly being transgender. Just remember not to equate the two. Sissy =/= Transgender.

What is quite interesting, is that to my knowledge, sissy play is exclusive to men dressing as women. I’m not sure that the reverse is often done, or what that would be called.

So wear some panties. Get in touch with your feminine side and get down with your sissy self!

*Please remember: as with all of the posts on this blog, these are merely my thoughts and opinions. Should your sissy play be different, that’s great! Just don’t tear my head off if it is.

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