Chastity Simplified

I learned about chastity right about the time I started to explore my Domme side. I was talking with a sub and he mentioned owning a cock cage but never really getting a chance to use it. He was traveling for work and could wear it while out on the road. After that first day, I was hooked.

I love chastity for several reasons. When a boy is locked, it helps to start to move their focus from their dicks to me. They are able to think less about their own pleasure and more about what might be most pleasing to me. I also LOVE tease and denial. I think it’s a bit of the sadist in me. I love seeing a cock strain to get hard in the cage. How tight it can get for me. Additionally, I prefer short-term lock up (up to 2 weeks max) over long-term. And really, this is just because of the tease and denial aspect. I crave the struggle as they push on another day, knowing that their unlock day is so close. Allowing them the freedom of unlocking, feeling a full erection again, only to go right back into the cage. It’s a lovely little cycle.

I enjoy playing games with chastity as well. It meshes so well with findom.  Let’s roll a dice where the stakes are money and lock up time. Have I teased you so much you need to unlock right now? Pay a cum tax.

So, have you stumbled across this and are now thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I want to give it a try…”

Here’s some good tips:

Buy a good cage. That’s fucking essential. A good place to start is with the Holy Trainer. It’s a great starter cage. Not good for long term lock up, but will help you start to get used to a cage. You can find some cheap knock-offs on Amazon, but just be careful. I mean, I don’t care about your dick but I’m guessing you do. So get something good.

—–Now, my preference is a metal cage. I LOVE metal cages. They’re better for longer term lock-up, plus seeing a cock bulge against those metal bars is just…..yum.

If you want to learn a bit more about the different type of chastity cages out there, I do a run through in a bonus episode on my podcast (—Chastity-Styles-and-Sizing-ectfpp).

Don’t expect to go straight to 24/7 lock up. Start with a few hours. Work up to all day. Then try overnight. That will be very tough the first few nights. Once you’ve gotten used to at least a full 24 hours, you can start to push for more and more time.

Yes, you can wear your cage in the shower. Yes, you can wear it while working out. Yes, you will have to pee sitting down.

“But I’m scared someone will see the cage and think less of me!”

No one fucking cares about your dick. If someone sees you, buck up. Wiggle your dick at them, wink and move on.

But please, do remember hygiene is important! Some cages you can clean yourself while wearing the cage. Others may require that you take the cage off for some deep cleaning.

Get yourself a keyholder. Whether it’s physical or online, being held accountable can really help. I do offer keyholding services. I have been a keyholder for those brand new to chastity and those with several years of experience under their belts.

Remember why you’re deciding to cage in the first place. It’s not because you can’t control yourself around beautiful women. It’s not because you masturbate too much. It’s because of her. Your Domme. Your keyholder. And if you don’t have one yet, you’re doing it in preparation for her.

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