I offer sessions that are both kinky and vanilla alike.

Sessions are booked around my availability. While I prefer booking with 24 hours notice, I am occasionally available for immediate sessions.

Full cost of session is due at the start of a session.

To inquire about a session, you may reach out to me via Twitter (@GoddessSunset), Kik or Telegram (GoddessSunset) with a small description of the session you are looking for, how long of a session you’d like and a list of your hard limits. DO NOT message with a simple “hi”. You will be ignored and blockes.

Live Sessions

These are texts sessions that are conducted via Kik, Discord or Telegram. I’ll also include live pictures and clips throughout the sessions. For kink sessions, I’m happy to incorporate all of the kinks that I enjoy as well as explore new kinks, outside of my hard limits. Each session is fully customized to offer the most fun and satisfaction for the both of us.

15 mins: $45 | 30 mins: $60 | 1 hour: $100

Text-Only Role Play Sessions

I absolutely love role play and have so much fun with these kinds of sessions. Via Kik, Telegram or Discord, on the spot creative story. I’m happy to role play out anything, outside of my hard limits, with whatever kind of character or scene you’d like. I have even role played as celebrities!

45 mins: $60 | 60 mins: $75 | 90 mins: $85

Girl-Friend Experience (GFE)

Want to just chat and let a conversation flow naturally? Talk about football, religion, politics, what’s stressing you out at work and have someone willing and happy to listen?

Includes unlimited texting throughout the day. I’m more than happy to work around any time limitations that you have have due to work or personal life constraints.

Please note: GFE does not and will not include me taking on the role of a submissive or slave.

1 day: $100 | 3 days: $250| 7 Days: $550

Custom Audios

Have a script or scenario in mind that you’d like to hear whispered from my lips? Maybe you’d just like several minutes of me moaning?

$7/ per minute. +$15 if your name is being mentioned in the clip.

Cuckold Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a cuck for your partner? To be teased and denied while she tells you all about the pleasure she receives from another?

This is a fully customized experience. Perhaps you pay for dinner and drinks for my partner and I, and I send you pictures and clips of me getting ready for him. Or maybe you’re only interested in the good stuff.

Each session requires a custom quote and ranges from $75-$350.


For those who are currently locked or are curious about chastity. I can be hands off and merely hold your key with daily and surprise check-ins or I can make you weep in your denial as I tease and deny you.

Weekly: $50-$150

Dick Rates

Send a few pictures of you dick for a detailed rate and my opinion. *DO NOT send pictures until you have asked and paid for this service*

Text only rate: $10 | Audio only rate: $15 | Add $5 for SPH or Ego Boost (otherwise you get my completely honest and on the spot rating)

Worn Items

Would you like to have something that is drenched in my intoxicating scent?

Panties: $45. Includes 2 pictures of me wearing them, 48 hour wear and shipping within the United States

Add ons:

  • +$5 to choose the exact pair of panties
  • +$5 if worn during a workout
  • +$5 if played in
  • +$10 for added creampie

Socks: $25. Includes 48 hour wear and shipping within the United States

Add ons:

  • +$5 if worn during a work out
  • +$5 for an additional day of wear (up to 5 days max)

Miscellaneous items: $15+. Can include tissues (nose blown or with a lipstick kiss), toilet paper, body hair, ect.